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    Po’s Atelier

    A bunch of people around me are cutting down carbs cos apparently it helps with their mood swings/ bloatedness/ diabetes or whatever… anyway, I gave it a go for about a morning (well, to be fair, I slept in so missed breakfast) but spunked the no-carb plan after coming across Po’s Atelier. Crappy moods/ puffy gut/ dietary problems - Bring. It. On.

    Po’s Atelier is in street behind the now pretty popular Tai Ping Shan (where perfect caffeine purveyors Teakha, Knockbox and Homei sit). From the outside it looks like one of those clothes shops that scare the shit out of me (all fancy, asymmetric cuts and visionary concepts  bollocks). 

    Inside, it’s a giddy good-looking bakery. Clean industrial design, with giant steel lightshades, simple blond wood fittings - if Muji made a bakery, it’d look like this.

    The Pruneaux au Porto (HK$20), a bun of baby’s fist proportions, is a kickass brioche bun (light, buttery and not sweet) with a filling of prunes stewed in port (sweet, sour and a happy tingle of booze). Compared to the fruit filled brioche bun at Petit Amanda’s, this version does a wee over Titchy Mandy’s. 

    Next up Yunnan Ham Fougasse which I ummed and arred at because HK$50 seemed a lot for what looks like a big pretzel gone wrong, holy fuck, to think I was that close to missing out on this. The bread is a flatbread, though it has the texture of a ciabatta plus chew. The Yunnan ham was fragrant and flavourful, I even called them to ask what was giving it its umami, was it cheese or cocaine? Apparently not, apparently when you air dry ham for 3-5 years some sort of crazy fucking alchemy happens.

    Lastly, I bought some Cinnamon Sticks (HK$25), a moment of inspired madness. My thinking was that I might take it into work to maybe make some friends. Scrap that, they won’t make it until Monday (am already a third way through the bag) and work mates are over-rated anyway. These are palmier-like, layers of buttery puff pastry twisted to give a light, sugary crisp texture and with enough cinnamon to give a gentle aromatic heat. 

    If I was to pick a favourite. I can’t. I really like them all and am currently eating them in rotation bite by bite so I finish them at the same time. So I am not going to choose cos I don’t have to and you can’t make me, fuck you…. oops, that’ll be the damn carb mood swings

    NB: Heads up, they’re opening a cafe early Oct 2012 at the back of the bakery. Me and my shitty temper will be there….

    Po’s Atelier

    62 Po Hing Fong, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

    Tel 6056 8005

    Open Tues-Sun 10am-8pm


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